This is us

Hello, we are Manel and Hanna. We met at a job in Barcelona many years ago, we left work at some point and went on a trip together. We had the best time and got to know new cultures, foods, people and each other. Being food lovers and eating only plant-based, in 2019 we created our first blog, a vegan food blog where we shared our daily meals and more. The following year our first baby was born and we entered into crazy parenthood. A challenging time between a blog baby and a real baby, we wrote a cookbook, created an online course, and finally had another baby this year. We love starting new projects and being two makes it more fun, realistic and motivating. So after thinking more and more about our son's feet and what barefoot shoes to buy him, when he started walking, we finally realized: "Why do we stuff our feet into shoes that are actually too small for the normal shape?" of our foot?" . The idea to create our own barefoot shoes came about when we simply couldn't find any beautiful sneakers that matched our style. Manel studied footwear design and Hanna studied textile engineering many years ago and here we are combining what we originally studied and it has been a super unique journey!