The design

Inspired by the '80s, our first shoe is made to look like a regular sneaker, with lots of panels and curated design. But with all the benefits of a barefoot shoe.

Wide toe box

One of the most important characteristics of a barefoot shoe is the wide toe box.

We are not meant to squeeze our feet into narrow shoes, shoes should be foot shaped.

This keeps our toes in their natural position.

The sole

We have developed one of the most important and unique parts of the shoe. It looks like a regular sole, but the truth is that it is less than 5mm thin, lightweight and super flexible.

The materials

Made with premium bio based and recycled plant based materials.

Corn leather upper, bamboo lining ,organic cotton laces and 70% recycled rubber outsole.

Made in Spain

Our shoes are hand made in Elche, Spain. It's know for it's good shoemakers.

All processes are made in a 40km radius which allows us to have control over the production and reduce the carbon impact.