The design

The Project 080 sneaker is designed to look like a regular sneaker but with all the benefits of a barefoot shoe. Thick looking sole and dynamic design.

Wide toe box

Having a foot shaped shoe might be the most important quality of a barefoot sneaker because it keeps your toes in a natural position.

Thin and flexible sole

OHNE PROJECT has a new designed sole that looks like a usual sole but gives all the benefits of a barefoot shoe. With less than 5 mm thickness it is ultra flexible and allows for anatural foot movement and sensory feedback to your brain.

The Project 080 collection

The materials

OHNE PROJECT shoes are made with premium bio-based materials 100% plant based, recycled, recyclable andvegan.

Made in Spain

All OHNE PROJECT shoes are handcrafted in Elche, Spain. We work with suppliers located at a maximum of 40km from each other  in order to reduce our carbon footprint and have all the production under control.